Soul Sisters (Original songs)

by Polly Paperclip

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Hand made songs from 2013 -2015


released January 28, 2015

Polly Lockitt



all rights reserved


Polly Paperclip UK

Hello i am Polly i'm 20 & sometimes i write songs but sometimes I just cover them. very heavily influenced by the powers of St. Vincent, First aid kit, The Beatles, Radiohead, Nancy Sinatra, stupid pop songs, Jarvis Cockers brain, and power ballads.

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Track Name: I Died Today
Heart in your hand
and you'll move away you'll move away,

my dear, I'll make the sun disappear
and you'll fade away you'll fade away,

cause all you'll ever be is a garden,
full of leaves and unharmed and,
carry me out of this dusty library
and I'll raise you from the dead.

feet fun
but they never touch the ground,
fly away fly away,

hearts that's don't sing
you will never hear a thing,
I died today I died today,

cause all I'll ever know is an empty room,
full of dust; an open wound,
take me somewhere from this miserable affair
and raise me from the dead.

hearts that's don't sing
you will never hear a thing,
I died today I died today.
Track Name: Concertina Landscapes
From a distant land
I followed the lines you left me
Until I found you again.

After years of waiting
We picture perfected this moment in our brains.

Deep in the oceans that surround me no one could ever know
Ephemeral spirits that are in you
Make me feel like I am home

Concertina landscapes
Hold my hand and I will
Fall into a deep blue day

Riding right behind you
Whisper that I love
Though the wind blew it away

Widows that used to show me darkness
Only show me sunrises
Watching you as your eyes
Brings me to a small crisis

Visions of the trees
Forms a deity
And Im so glad to be yours.
Track Name: Shellphone Dialtone
I would swim so deep and low
to where the fish and sea grass grows
to where tomorrow isn’t real
under wild written prose.

then i’ll sit and think of you
underneath the ocean blue
i’ll speak in only mermaid tongue
as mermaids brush the hair they grew.

I met a fish that spoke of green
and all the pearly waved he’d seen
It reminded me of things you’d love
and placed you and I have been.

A lot of times I’d hear your sound
on the oceans sandy ground
it made me miss you like a mad man
I knew you would be proud.

after days when I return
on the beach of rocks i’ll yearn
for your arms to be round me
inside my chest I feel it burn.

I’ll call you up using shells
I found amongst the blue bells
to hear your voice after all this time
my heart swells and swells and swells.

against all my fears
it poured out my tiny ears
my poor ribs had all fallen out:
my 24 tiny cavaliers.

When you came you brought blue skies
and a perfect sunrise
you held my heart inside you hands
a lovely beating prize.

You fixed me up and kissed my nose
under where the blossom grows
out of all the fish that live below
you’re the one I chose.